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Welcome to the Documentation section of our contributing guide. Effective documentation serves as a comprehensive manual on how to use, troubleshoot, and contribute to our project.

Whether you're a seasoned contributor or a first-time participant, enhancing our documentation helps make our codebase and interfaces more accessible and easier to use.

Getting started


Before contributing to our documentation, you should have a basic understanding of our project's goals and structure. Familiarity with Markdown syntax and GitHub workflow is also beneficial.

Our full documentation is maintained directly in our GitHub repository and we use MkDocs for all of it.


To set up your environment for documentation work:

  • Fork your own copy of the LaVague repository.

  • Clone the repository with

    git clone

  • Install required tools with

    pip install mkdocs mkdocs-jupyter mkdocs-material

  • To see your changes in real-time, start serving the documentation locally with

    mkdocs serve

You're now ready to contribute to our documentation!

How to contribute

Step by step guide

In the repository you'll find mkdocs.yml, it is the file that holds our docs configuration. If you want to add new pages or reorganize the documentation tree, the navsection in this file is where you should look.

The docs folder contains all the actual content of the documentation. This is where you can modify existing content or create new pages.

When you're ready to submit your changes as a PR, you can then submit your proposed additions for review, by pushing your changes to your forked repo and then opening a pull request.


  • To modify the architecture page:

    1. go to docs/docs/ and start modifying the file.
  • To add a new page under the advanced section:

    1. create a new file under docs/docs/advanced and add some content.
    2. In the nav section in mkdocs.yml, add a link to your new page in the appropriate section.

Best practices


  • I can't see my changes on the documentation

Make sure you've executed the mkdocs serve command from the root of the repo of your local clone and that you're looking on the right local URL

Need help ?

Join our Discord to ask us any questions!