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LaVague Guide for Contributors 🌊

We need your help to build effective Large Action Models & an awesome framework & tooling around them!

πŸ€— We really appreciate all contributions, from bug reports, to sharing research with us, to direct additions to our codebase.

🏠 Contribution general guidelines

In the General Guidelines section, we'll walk you through how to:

πŸ—ΊοΈ Contribution pathways

Whether you're a dev, AI enthusiast or tech writer, there is a contribution pathway for you.

Please get in touch with us if you're interested in helping us in one of the following areas:

🌿 Datasets

Join our datasets contributor pathway to help us collect and collate the data needed to build and improve our agents.

Our datasets can be found on our BigAction page on HuggingFace.

You can get involved by:

πŸ§ͺ Research

We're looking for help to implement state of the art methods from papers into our agents and gather feedback on our framework to make it modular, scalable, and easy to use.

Get involved by:

πŸ”Œ Integrations

We want help to explore adding integrations in three key areas:

  • Tools: Tools to be used by our agents to enable them to interact with specific services (like Gmail)
  • Exports: Export functions such as packaging the code produced by the agent to create APIs with FastAPI, export to Docker, or Pytest
  • Imports: Import functions to feed data in specific formats to the model, such as from a PDF

Get involved by:

πŸ”’ Security

We would like help to assess and improve the security posture of LaVague.

You can get involved by:

πŸ’‘ Use cases

We want to put together and discuss potential use cases of LaVague.

Get involved by:

  • Sharing and discussing new use cases with us here
  • Joining our #use-cases channel on discord
  • Helping us to add new use cases examples like the one seen here:

πŸ€– AI performance

We are looking for members of the community to help us explore how we can improve the AI performance of our agents through tasks such as training.

Get involved by:

πŸ“” Documentation

Finally, we are looking for help to add to and improve our documentation.

You can join us on the #docs Discord channel and see our documentation-specific contribution guide for more information on how to preview and test your documentation contributions.



Note that all contributions made to this project are subject to the project's Apache 2.0 License